In Training, you maintain competencies and tasks, you assign tasks to competencies, and competencies to units and individuals, you record completed training, grant certification, and you can run various reports on Training data.
The tutorials below are organized according to user type responsiblity and include all the major tasks performed in TMT. TMT related reports are presented separately.
SO-IS Training Management Processes
DIRAUX and Training Officer Training Management Processes
The authority to certify an auxiliarist as having successfully completed the tasks associated with an assigned competency resides with the DIRAUX or, on rare occasions, Headquarters. However, the Training Officer at the Division level and also the flotilla level, has the authority to certfiy in-house training (i.e., continuing education within a unit, as opposed to public education activities) that count toward certification.
TMT Reports
In TMT, various reports are available to run on training data for both units and individuals. The tutorials below are presented as an example of how to run TMT reports.