There are many reporting options in Auxdata. Some can be run by every user, and some can only be run by users with national accounts. This Tutorial does not show how to run all of them, but instead shows how to run a few as a representation of the types of information you need to enter when running reports. See the Training section for TMT related reports.

Also, provided is a tutorial on how to save and print reports. This information is especially useful to Citrix users since they can only generate reports in PDF format. If Citrix users wish to view reports in CSV format in Excel, the report file must first be saved as a text file (*.txt), opened in Microsoft Excel and converted to CSV using Excel's Text Import Wizard. See the Saving and Printing Reports tutorial for instructions on how to do this.

It is recommended that both Citrix and JInitiator users have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. You need the Adobe Reader to view reports. The latest version has features that make saving and printing AUXDATA reports easier and quicker. Get the latest version if you don't have it.

Reports Tutorials: