This section of the Tutorial addresses how to perform certain functions in AUXDATA, such as querying. It also addresses what to do when unexpected, and unwanted, events occur, such as duplicate records.
Miscellaneous Tutorials:


Take this tutorial and learn how to query the database for a record(s) using the Oracle wildcard (%). Though the need for performing direct queries has been alleviated by the Filter feature, learning to perform queries is a fast way to find records and will make you a more proficient user of AUXDATA.

  Handling Duplicate Member Records

AUXDATA checks new members being entered against existing members based on last name and birthdate. If any matches occur, it will display the possible matches for you, and you will need to decide if the records are in fact for the same or different person. Often, the reason for getting a duplicate record is because the individual is already in the system as being Archived or Inactive, or is Active at another unit. If this is the case, simply restore the member from archive, reactivate he/she, or arrange for a transfer. This tutorial covers what to do when AUXDATA finds a match to your new insert.

Handling Duplicate Resource Records

AUXDATA will warn you if you attempt to enter a duplicate resource, and it will not let you do so. If you get a warning message when entering a new resource, simply clear the insert by going to the Clear menu and the top of the screen and clicking Record. If you are entering a resource that is supposed to be at a certain unit and is not, arrange for a transfer. The following tutorial simply demonstrates what happens when receiving a duplicate resource record warning.