Welcome to the AUXDATA Tutorial.
Taking these tutorials will quickly get you using AUXDATA by interacting with simulations of the application. You will learn to enter resource logs, run reports, track your training, and much more. Once you get a handle on how the application works, practice what you have learned on the training database before entering production data.
New to AUXDATA? Go to Getting Started. There you will learn how to connect to the system, learn what software you need to connect, and learn how to install the required software, which is Citrix for Internet users. Also in this section is how to log on and change your password.
This tutorial is organized much like the application. Click the links on the left to complete the tutorials within the corresponding areas of the application.
Site Requiremets: The tutorials that make up this site are interactive Flash movies. You need Flash Player 6 to take these tutorials. Click the button on the right to install if you don't have it.    
Patriot Readiness AUXDATA can now capture and report on the availability of CG Auxiliary members to participate in Patriot Readiness. Click here for a quick tutorial.
Mission change while under way. To record a mission change while underway, enter the first activity with initial mission, save it (do not enter EOM record), copy this activity with crew, enter the time of change in mission, update the mission, then save, entering an EOM record if no other activities immediately followed.