Common Questions


This page provides answers to common question and help to common problems. Click the question to be directed to its explanation (the explanation will appear at or near the top of your browser window).



User ID and Password

If you are a new user and have not been issued a username and password, contact via email one of the following personnel who is responsible for your district:

COMO Arthur Reichling ( 013, 014, 053, 054, 092
Ken Edwards ( 070, 081, 082, 085, 091, 114
Peter Kirschner ( 095, 113, 130, 140, 170
Bob Platt ( DIRAUX

ENS Justin Cassell ( DIRAUX


Password Regected

Be very sure that you have entered your username and password correctly. If your password is still rejected, try entering it in lower case. Should you continue to have problems, contact your SO-IS. He/she can “test” your password to see if it is valid. If they determine that the password is no longer functioning, they will refer you to the DSO-IS to have your password “re-set” by National.


Date & Time Entry

If you are entering both date and time, the format is DD HHMI MON YYYY. However, it's much easier to enter the information with no spaces at all and let AUXDATA do that work for you. So, enter October 17, 2002, at 8:00 a.m. as 170800OCT2002. AUXDATA will even automatically capitalize October for you.

If you're only entering the date, the format is MMDDYYYY. Again, don't enter any spaces. October 17, 2002, would be entered as 10172002.

For reports, the date format is DDMMYYYY. So October 17, 2002, would be entered as 17102002.


Phone Numbers

You don't need to worry about phone number formats in AUXDATA. Enter the numbers only, with no spaces, no ( ), no - and so on. So, a phone number should be entered as 3041234567. AUXDATA will format it for you automatically. You must enter the area code, however.


Display Crew Under Task Capture

If the crew is not displaying correctly under Task Capture, try the following:

  • Did you assign crew members to the activity itself?
  • If you copied a task, did you save it? Crew will only display after a copied task is saved.
  • If part of the crew is displayed but not all, verify that you added all the crew members under the activity.
  • If you copied a task, only the crew assigned to the original activity (and original task) will be listed.


Using AOL

Some members with AOL accounts have reported difficulties downloading the CITRIX program file. It will download to your computer, but may not install properly. If you have AOL and cannot download or install this file, have another member (without AOL) download the file on to their computer and then send it to you as an attachment to e-mail. If you cannot get a member in your local area to do this for you, please contact your SO-IS for assistance. You should then be able to install the program without corruption errors. If the file does not install, make sure that you are using Windows 95 or above.


List of EMPLIDs

EMPLIDs are found on the "Member Roster" report. You can access the Member Roster report in the "Reports" section of AUXDATA.


CSV Formatted Reports

Citrix users cannot normally print reports directly, nor can they generate a CSV formatted report directly. To do either, after the report has been generated in PDF format, click the File menu at the top left of the screen. On the drop-down menu, select Generate to File and then PDF (to save the file in a PDF format) or Delimited, and select the comma sign, to save the file, which can then be opened in Excell. Once the file is saved to disk, open it and print it. Note: DO NOT save the report file to Local; save it to Client. For details, take this tutorial.


Entering an EOM Activity

Some missions require you to enter an EOM Activity to record that they are completed. Otherwise, AUXDATA will assume that the mission has never ended and will continue to count hours.


Deleting an Approved Activity

To delete an activity after it has been approved, you must first un-approve it. Open the activity approvals screen and move the activity to the unapproved list. You will now be able to delete it as you normally would.


What if we switched crew during a mission?

See the tutorial on how to do this: Entering Missions with Crew changes.



If you search for someone and don't find them, check the following:

  • Did you spell the name correctly?
  • If you used the wildcard (%), was it in the correct location? (SM% will find names BEGINNING with SM, like Smith. %SM will find names that end in SM).
  • Try being less specific. Try S% instead of SMITH.
  • Look at your Find window. If Emp ID is listed first and you're searching by name, you must use the wildcard BEFORE the name as well. So, searching for SMITH won't find anything when Emp Id is listed first, but %SMITH will.


Querying and Filtering

To find records more quickly than scrolling through a list, you may either perform a query or use the Filter feature available throughout the application. Click here to take the tutorial on Querying. Click here to take the tutorial on Filtering.


Clear Record

If you try to exit a screen before you've finished, AUXDATA will often give you a message about required fields. If this happens, first click Clear in the menu at the top, then choose Record. This will erase everything you've entered and allow you to exit the screen. This is particularly useful when you realize you've made an error and need to stop entering data or begin again.