Activity Logs  


Activity Logs is where a continuous log is maintained for all facility and unit activities. Each time the mission status changes for a specific airplane, boat, unit, or radio, the new activity and mission are to be recorded in Activity Logs. Tasks completed while performing the activity are also to be recorded. Activity Log processes include entering, updating and deleting Activity Logs, capturing tasks, and approving and un-approving the Activity Log.

The tutorials below are organized according to user type responsibilities. DIRAUX users, please see SO-IS related tutorials for data entry functions, if need.
SO-IS Activity Log Processes
The SO-IS is responsible for entering and maintaining activity logs for aircraft, boat, unit, and radio resources. Data entered for Activity Logs include activity type, mission type, duration, crew make-up, mission details, tasks, etc. The tutorials below cover how to enter and maintain Activity Logs and take only a few minutes to complete:

DIRAUX Acitivity Log Processes
The DIRAUX user is responsible for the Activity Logs approval process. The tutorial on the right covers how to approve and un-approve an Activity Log