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JAVA Users

Helpful Hints to Auxdata connection Errors/Issues

    Below are some of the most common errors affecting Java connections to Auxdata.

    Recently AUXDATA Citrix users were asked to try the JAVA link for access to Auxdata. There were some successful users and many, many unsuccessful. Most of the unsuccessful attempts have similar issues...these include:

  1. " Report Not Showing - Pop-up Blocker needs to be Turned-Off"
    Pop-Up Blocker issues:

        If your Report does not show on the screen,
        you receive the error message:
        Unable to run reports...receiving "Block1, Block2" ,

    Disable all pop-up blockers. Once they are turned off, you'll need to
    close all open Internet Explorer windows before trying again.

    Note -
    Sometimes Third Party software also includes a Pop-up Blacker. If you have
    something like Comcast, AOL or Yahoo Toolbar, it might have a pop-up blocker too.

    Also Note -
    Sometimes the Report did run successfully, it is just buried underneath the
    other windows already on your computer screen. Look at the bottom bar of
    your computer screen and see if there is a new Internet Explorer icon.
    If so, open it and the click on the top line, that might be your report.

  2. "Problem with the Default JAVA version 5.17 install (i.e. - get a screen saying you need a plugin)"
    If you were instructed to install the default JAVA version 5.17, and were:
        - taken to a blank screen or
        - click on the plugin icon and get a screen saying there are no identifiable plugins.

    Please try again.
    The Auxdata Team has upgraded the default JAVA version to JRE 6 update 16.
    This is the first known version to work with MS XP, Vista and Windows 7.

    And can be downloaded from the following website:
    Link to Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6.0 Update 16

  3. "Digital signature"
    When logging in with Java, this screen pops up.

    The applications digital signature has an error.
    Do you want to run application?...,
        Name: Oracle.forms.engine.Main
        Publisher: Oracle Corp
        From: http://auxdataweb01.uscg.gov

    A box shows to click on, "Always trust content from the publisher. The
    digital signature was generated with a trusted certificate but has expired."

    Check the box for "Always trust content from this publisher." And click "Run".

    This error is going to occur from our server from time to time. For security
    purposes, we do not keep an open internet connection on our server so the time
    stamp on the security certificate does not automatically get updated.

  4. "FRM-92160:WEB Client Version too old"
    Java Users...
    If you receive an error message, FRM-92160:WEB Client Version too old,

    Here are some good links to the Sun Java website for further information about
    clearing the Java cache, try:

    Link to SUN Java Clearing the Java Cache
    JAVA Downloads for All Operating Systems: Windows, MAC, Linux, Solaris

    NOTE: The Java version on your local system needs to be any version 1.5 or higher.
    -- If you have an older version of Java (1.3 or 1.4), starting the Auxdata
    Java application will automatically ask you to download Java JRE 1.6.16.
    However, the older version is Cached in Memory, thus you will need to clear
    the Java Cache before the system will recognize the new version.

    If you would like to download a working version of Java manually,
    use the following link to download and install Sun JRE 6.0 Update 16.

    Link to Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6.0 Update 16

  5. "Firefox Users"
    Firefox Users
    Firefox Upgrade Requires Java SE 6u10 or Later

    From the Sun website:
    Due for release in November, the Firefox 3.6 browser will
    not work with Java-based web applications unless you are
    running Java SE 6 Update 10 or later.

  6. "MacIntosh Users"
    MacIntosh Users
    Here is a link to a website for MacIntosh Java Updates:

    Link to MacIntosh Java updates.

  7. "Adobe Reader and Microsoft Excel required for Reports to display"
    Software required for Reports to display

    A word about Auxdata Reports...

    With Citrix, Reports are generated using a version of Adobe Reader (PDF)
    and Microsoft Excel (CSV) located on the Auxdata Citrix server. The Report
    image is then transmitted to your computer screen.

    For Java and J-Initiator, you need a local copy of Adobe Reader and Microsoft
    Excel on your computer. The Auxdata system is transmitting the file, your
    local software then needs to open and display the report on your screen.

    Please double check your computer to make sure you have Adobe Reader installed.
    If not, here is the link to download it...

    Link to Adobe reader.

    Also, please verify that you have a working version of Microsoft Excel
    on your local computer.

  8. "Trusted Site"
    Trusted Site - Clicking on Reports does NOTHING.

    Try adding *.uscg.gov to your Internet Trusted Sites.

    In Internet Explorer, under Tools, click Internet Options.
    On the Security tab, click "Trusted Sites". Then click "Sites".
    Type *.uscg.gov, then click Add and then click OK.

  9. "File Type Recognition"
    File Type Recognition issue - Windows XP (A solution is unknown for Vista)

    Maybe your computer doesn't know what application to open when
    presented with either a pdf or csv file.

    First, check to make sure you have Adobe Reader and Microsoft Excel on your computer.

    Next, under Windows Explorer, you can check the file types....

    Right click the Start button, then click Explore. Under Tools, click
    Folder Options. Click the File Types tab. Scroll down to csv, make
    sure it is associated with Microsoft Office Excel Comma Separated Values.
    Click on Advanced and the Actions should be "Open" and "Print",
    also the box "Confirm open after download" should be checked.

    Click OK to that window, go back to the File Types window, and scroll
    down to pdf PDF should be associated as an Adobe Acrobat Document.
    Clicking Advanced, the Actions should be "Open" and "Print",
    also the box "Confirm open after download" should be checked.

  10. "CSV Reports not working"
    CSV Reports not working - all else works great

    In Internet Explorer, click Tools, then Internet Options. On the Security tab,
    pick the "Internet" zone. Then click on Custom Level. About 3/4 of the way
    down the list you will find a section called Miscellaneous, one of the settings is,
    "Open file based on Content, not file Extension". This setting should be Disabled.

    This setting will allow the computer to open the file because it ends in ".csv".

    The system will first open the file as a text file, and will give a warning.
    If you click OK, the csv should open in Excel.

    This warning is believed to be part of the Vista standard security features.
    There is no current solution to avoid receiving this warning.

    If you can not find the setting in the Internet zone, try it in the "Trusted sites".
    But first, you might need to add *.uscg.gov as a "Trusted site".
    See Number 8 above, "Trusted Site".

  11. "FRM-92050: Failed to connect to the server:/forms/lservlet:-1"
    If you receive an error message,
    "FRM-92050: Failed to connect to the server:/forms/lservlet:-1"...

    Make sure you use either Internet Explorer or Firefox.
    These are the only 2 browers that AUXDATA uses for verification.
    Proprietary browsers such as AOL may have addtional settings that can block AUXDATA from running.

    AOL can still be used to connect to the internet, but once connected,
    please minimize the AOL window and use Internet Explorer or Firefox to run AUXDATA.

    Note: The proprietary browser (such as AOL) might have its own Pop-Up
    Blocker. This would be in addition to the blocker set in Internet Explorer.
    All Pop-up Blockers should be disabled while using Auxdata.

  12. "IE9/Windows 7: Problems with CSV Reports."
    If you are using Internet Explorer 9 with Windows 7, CSV Reports might not generate...

    The problem is on Windows 7/IE9 computers. The trick is to change the browser
    into compatibility mode for the AUXDATA website...

    Refer to this link for a helpful picture

    We have drawn a red circle around the link you need to click up at the top
    of the browser. Then everything works great. When you run a CSV report
    you'll get a pop-up window asking if you want to open/save the document.

  13. "JAVA 7 Update 11, Security Patch for JAVA 7."
    If you are using JAVA Version 7, you should install Update 11....

    Click here to go to the JAVA Update page

    This is a very long listing of JAVA Versions, you may need to scroll down.
    You should DOWNLOAD the "Java SE 7u11: JRE"

  14. "JAVA applications are being blocked"
    In order to use JAVA 7 Update 51 or later, you may need to add AUXDATA URLS to the Exception List....

    Steps to Add URLs to the Exception Site list:
    • Go to the Java Control Panel (On Windows Click Start and then Configure Java)
    • Click on the Security tab
    • Click on the Edit Site List button
    • Click Add in the Exception Site List

    • Click in the empty field under Location field to enter the URLs...

    • Click OK to save the URLs that you entered.
    • Click Continue on the Security Warning dialog

    Click here for more information on Java blocking applications

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